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Friday, January 26, 2007

Well life this week has been busy, so busy in fact that I debated not posting this week. However, my precious readers, there is much to tell. On the subject of telling, check out my new poem, [ Mirk-Water Dragon ] its pretty wiggy. Well, in all seriousness, some news; I failed my drivers test. Bummer I know, but I have no doubts about acing it next week.

Kayla moves in today, TODAY! So in preparation I've been doing a lot of the house chores I've put off this week, such as dishes. Mark makes the most fantastic lazania, it's simply to die for. Each mouth watering succulent fork full of cheesy stringy, noodley, beefy goodness. Well the standing deal seems to be if he whips up a delicious meal I should do the dishes. Well this lazania plate sat for the better part of a week. Actually now that I think about it, it's still there... herm, I know what I'm doing tonight. In either case, cleaning this dish is well worth the lazania bounty I have long since digested. I just hate the way the sink gets with food in it. Leave food bits sitting in the sink for a week and you get some pretty interesting science experiments.

Gorrilaz, Starshine

Chocked full of messages and amazing animated sequences, this movie is a masterpiece. I have had a strange obsession with The Wall this last week. I seriously have listened to the album at work just about every day, and watched the movie twice while home. It's mind blowing, every time I see / hear the wall I pick out stuff I missed, or draw different conclusions. Its a wonderful film and if you haven't seen it, its only an hour and a half so plop down and watch it.

Other than my Pink Floyd obsession, my Metriod Hunters obsession burns strong, LOL, literally. We play a few matches of Metriod every night, Mark has been practicing as Noxus (the Ice Guy) and I must say he kicked our asses I think twice yesterday. Kayla has also been practicing, winning a majority of the games with Samus and those damned'ed lock-on rockets.

I play this game for the Megmaul, a grenade launcher that when charged, will light your enemies a blaze! Imagine, the power of a nade launcher fused with the effective, sleek and sexy efficiency of a flamethrower! One thing is for sure, with Kayla moving in this weekend, we are sure to have many games of Metriod.

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January 25th, 2007
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Today's Episode

Chris disposes of some morning snow.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well another year is up, and Fragmented Poe' is going to expire. I purchased for a year, than renewed it last year. I think the best rout is to pay for 5 years up front; Then I won't have to deal with renewing domain names for another 5 years! yay. The server space is another story all together and they have yet to inform me when I'm going to need to shell out some more coin.

I'd like to use my last couple months with this domain to ask for donations. I'm not going to let Fragmented Poe' go. But if anyone is willing, I'd sure appreciate a donation. If your interested in donating, speak to me in person or [ e-mail me ].

Next weekend! Kayla moves in with me! It's almost surreal that we are finally here. Sounds like next week is going to consist of transporting little random crap, on the subject of crap I need to toss a bunch of extra stuff to make room for her stuff.

Cake, Sheep go to Heaven

We babysit her sisters shortly after she moves out, which should make the transition easier on the Kidos. We mentioned it all to Kristen the other night, she seemed ok with it. Especially because we promised to still come watch them and play video games.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life, it's like a snowball rolling down a hill. Its constantly building mass and increasing speed. Well we are rolling on by a reality check, and its quite exciting. I got a learner's permit, and by the end of the month I have to have a license. Driving has always been a minimal priority for me, but soon I start taking call at work. The most exciting news however; Kayla is moving in! The end of the month, start of next she will be living with me. It's very exciting after waiting for so long, we will finally live together!

Unified Theory, Keep On

Our weekends have been spent playing video games with friends, not a bad life if you ask me. Coffee and Metroid Hunters is how I spend my free mornings. I became hooked on the Nintendo WFC spending most my alone time in Wi-Fi games, mostly Metriod and Mario Karts. A lot of people probably got Mario Karts for X-mas, which works out for me because they are all n00bs online right now. I actually win most the time!

In other game related news, I have been playing with a little program called Orb [ ] This amazing little program uses fairy magic to stream videos, pictures and music from your home PC to any other Internet enabled device. Its magical power is so profound that it can some how translate your media into Flash video and audio. Thus letting you play videos and music on just about everything, including the Nintendo Wii. Yes, any video, picture, or MP3 on my PC can be played on our living room TV, thanks to Orb and the Wii.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Well, for starters, Welcome to Twenty O'Seven. Our newyears was awsome, we had a Nintendo Party which included 8 Player DS games and two Nintendo Wii consoles. The night was packed with intense multiplayer action featuring games rangeing from Metriod Hunters, to Mario Karts, to Starfox. While the DS conquered the party for me, other people played Wii Sports on a TV in the kitchen, While more people played our Wii on the living room TV.

The shear amount of wireless communication shooting about my house on new years is mind boggling. We did experience some lag in Mario Karts, probably due to the intense amount of traffic between a total of six Wii Remotes, more than 8 DSs, and our home wireless network(s).

In other Earth Shattering News; I bought a vacuum! Its been far too long without one. I had borrowed a vacuum a few times over the months, but our carpet was getting nasty, lots of crumbs but mostly hair. This crazy vacuum looks like some kind of space car, reminds me of Dr. Robotnick. It is nice to be able to lay on the floor again though.

My home imporvements where enspired by my recent visit to Washington. While I was sick over X-Mas at my Mums place, I realized how nice it was not having to wash dishes because there where dishes in the cupboard; being able to sprawl out on the floor, etc.

Symphony #9

My X-Mas money is all well invested by now, one such investment Castlevania Portrait of Ruin; I never got to try Dawn of Sorrow, I've never actually seen it in stock. But Portrait of Ruin doesn't disappoint. Traditional Castlevania game play, side-scrolling, level up'ing, vampire whipping action.

It doesn't take long before you realize the Two screen setup is perfect for Castlevania. The second screen acts as your map, so no more pressing pause every five seconds to make sure your heading in the right direction, simply turn your gave to the top screen.

The game also features two Characters, which is interesting and somehow was implemented so it doesn't ruin the Castlevania experience. In Portrait of Ruin you use your second character to help preform double jumps, burn the crap out of your enemies (my favorite), and to help fend off zombies from each direction at once (if your partner behaves). Though because your XP and HP are shared between the two characters, it doesn't actually change the root formula very much.

The Wireless Multi Player, online and local is an interesting addition. Unfortunately you cant yet play the entire game together, but there are a series of multi player levels. An online item shop is also an interesting feature. I bought this bad ass ruby corset.

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