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January 2008

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February 2008
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Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Just had to post here! Kayla and I have been living together for a year! Go-that!

Saturday(goin-on Sunday), January 19ish, 2008
-Project for the weekend... Jailbreak iPod-Touch

Kayla sleeps in The_Land_of_Fantasy whiles I sit at Shayne's, typing away on my laptop. I decided to leave Edward home this evening, which it turns out was a good call. I've been messing around with my iPod touch all day, Tomato (pronounced tah-ma-toe) is defiantly more than enough PC to accomplish the last few objectives on my Jailbreak crusade.

For some reason Apple wants to charge for an update containing 5 new applications. So I figured "what the hell" and began reading jailbreak walk-thoughs. Jail breaking is what folks call breaking into the iPod-Touch (or iPhone) Via safari-web browser exploit and running a very easy, one click proses. Granted this can only be done on firmware 1.1.1, downgrading is extremely easy.

Other than getting apps Apple wants money for for free, Jail breaking also earns me advantages in Ubuntu, Because at long last I'll be able to sync music from my Amarok library to my iPod Touch! Actually Jail Breaking it was the easy part, the rest the steps to get it syncing proved to be more difficult. It included setting up the iPod as an SSH server, and using remote command prompt to change the admin password, and configure it for Amarok. The entire process took me most a day and night, but my iPod touch rules even more now.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
-A quick blurb

Life goes well, for the Humans anyway. We got our cat-animals fixed last night, and needless to say they wern't the happiest campers. Luigi (the male) is recovering quickly, he was hopping around on shit by 10pm last night. As for Tipsi, she will take a couple weeks to recover.

I got remote desktop working with my Mom's PC in both Ubuntu and Windows. So now I can remote in and help them with any problem. Mostly I foresee this coming in handy with their recent migration to Linux. But the ability to remote into Windows aswell, could come in handy.

Work's going well, I've been taking a lot of Call this week, will make for a nice check in the long run. One of these checks here I really need to save a couple hundred for that TV we have been talking about getting. We should- do that. :D

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Monday, January 14, 2008
-Ubuntu for the parents (Post Edited Jan.15th)

This weekend was busy, filled with tech work, which I totally volunteered for. I took it on myself to convert my parents home PC to Ubuntu. It turned out to be quite a bit more work than I had anticipated. It started going down hill when I first plugged their machine in at my house, only to notice their Power Supply's fan was dead, they where still running off a PSU (Power Supply Unit) that has to be 3 or 4 years old by now, so I recommended to Kevin that we replace it. We bought a nice PSU and some extra ram to give their computer a little boost.

Their graphics card gave me a load of problems, they had a Radeon x700, while its the same model as the one in Kayla's Ubuntu PC, which runs Ubuntu just wonderful. For some reason, the off brand graphics chip, made by Power-color, was totally glitched in Ubuntu. Every time you would power on the PC it would ask for you to re-setup the graphics card. Totally unacceptable for a persons first introduction to linux-land. I monkeyed around with it tell like 2am Saturday night, trying to get the linux ATI driver to see the card properly. I ultimatly gave up and went to bed. The next morning, I just went and bought a equivalent Nvidia card, with double the ram as their old one!

The Nvidia card worked out of the box, though I did start over on their PC Sunday, starting from scratch and ensuring the new card worked in both Windows and Ubuntu. I also ended up replacing their sound card with a Sound Blaster I had lying around. Their motherboard is only one model later than mine, but the sound chip was not usable by Ubuntu, kind of a freak incompatibility that I totally didn't expect, I was thankful I had an extra sound card just collecting dust.

After my graphics issues where solved by the wonderful Nvidia Linux driver. It was all easy, setting up all the standards I've come to expect from Linux. Compiz and all its 3d-desktop settings, and Avant-Window-Navigator. I even recompiled K3b so they can rip DVDs.

Beck, Que' Onda Guero

Shayne was over both Saturday and Sunday night hanging out and helping with the installation. It was fun, we watched cartoons and farted around while stuff loaded, downloaded, and installed. Sunday night Kayla was home, so we actualy moved the couch into the kitchen so I could work on the PC while watched Lost on the laptop.

This is my first "Parent-PC" ruinning Linux. Its an experiment I've been preparing for since I first got into PClinux. I'm very curious how they will take to it, and can only hope they give it a while to grown on them. After a month with Ubuntu, I really think most folks will find themselves wondering how Microsoft is still in business.

FYI to any of my friends in the area, e-mail me if you want Ubuntu, and I will totally come and help you take a wack at putting it on you PC along side Windows XP (installation is BREEZE if you already have an Nvidia graphics card, ATI cards may require additional setup)
My parents ATI card is the ONLY ATI card I've ran across that's completely incompatible.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
-Welcome to Twenty-O Eight

Beck, Earthquake Weather

Life continues here and everything is going grand. No rapture yet, so maybe we will get to mars before the world ends. On that subject though, anyone else feel that Christians shouldn't be aloud job's as airline pilots? just in case ya know, they suddenly disappear? Just think on that this year.

We had a busy, but enjoyable, x-mas this year. Darting between our cumulative parents houses, total of 3 families in the area now. We started the Holiday X-mas eve by visiting Kayla's Grandparents, It was a nice visit and we all ate like kings. X-mas morning we spent with Kayla's family, did the present thing and ate Chocolate Gravy (which was fantastic, though Rich). Kristen and Kaitlyn where hyper as kids on x-mas should be. It was a fun morning the only downer was Kayla was starting to feel sick. After breakfast and presents, probably closer to noon, we packed up our new items and drove out to frenchtown to drop in on Dad and the kids.

We arrived out at Jill's folks house afternoon and gave the kiddos their gifts. We hung out and talked for an hour or two before we ultimately had to head back to Missoula. Kayla was starting to feel really sick and needed put to bed. Kayla zonked out shortly after we got home, she was feeling like crap so I went to my Mom's for X-mas dinner and left her to rest. I hung out with Mom and Kevin most the evening, installing my Mom's new Terabyte hard disc *drools* and Mom whipped up a Delicious feast. Which we all consumed while playing with Aslyn's new Wii.

I have yet to talk it over with Kayla but I'm shooting to stay home next year and try our own holiday, We shall see though. Other than X-Mas, New-years was also fantastic. We did our usual shindig, Having a load of friends over for Video Games and LAN fun. It was a blast filled with literally an hour or more of Tetris battles.

Beck, Girl

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-Make Your Windows XP machine look more like Unix

I'd like to tell you folks about two Windows Apps that will make your windows experience feel more Unix-ish. After switching my household entirely to Linux I found my work PC antiquated and boring. The most obnoxious of all, my new found dependence on scale. I've grown so used to darting my mouse pointer to the upper right corner of the screen to bring up a thumbnail of every window open that even on a windows machine, I automatically try to activate the screen edge.

[ Click to Enlarge ]

My friend Shayne located a suitable workaround for this annoyance (screen shot above). Its called [ iEx ] and where [ iEx ] is nothing compared to scale visually. It is indeed productive. Putting your windows into rows of thumbnails, the functionality is fundamentally the same. The app is easy to configure for shortcut keys, and screen edges. As well as excluding apps you don't want to appear as thumbnails. Simply click a thumbnail to bring up the window desired. This app works awesome with Windows XP, I am unsure if it works on Vista, but I know win2k is incompatible.

Another app to brighten your Windows experience, for you Mac lovers and Unix fan-boy's alike. A sleek and sexy replacement for the task bar, [ Rocketdock ] (screen-shot below).

[ Click to Enlarge ]

[ Rocketdock ] Is an exceptional program that will run fluidly on even the most out of date computer. With charming mouse over effects, the icons enlarge as you pass them by, just like on a Mac. Right-clicking on the dock will bring up a menu where you can position it on any side of the screen, as well as configure its many options. Simply drop and drag new icons to the dock and click them to run your applications. I find Rocketdock an excellent escape from the task bar on a Windows machine. Thanks again to Mr. Shayne for his awesome finds, these apps really brightened up my workplace

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