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The Bounty Hunters Role-Playing Game was first created while I lived in Minnesota USA. My friends at the time where hooked on the pen and paper role-playing scene so that's what we did for any kind of get together. We played Shadowrun and Vampire the Masquerade, of course there was D&D.

"Playing Pretend with Rules" became a new obsession, which lasted for years. A way to bring back those fond blissful childhood games of make-believe, while maintaining an adult and educated problem solving mind. Which by that of course I mean, Roll some dice see if you shot bad guy in his twisted alien face.

Bounty Hunters was a collaboration of rules and game ideas my friends and I had stuck together. Over the years the game has been remade and rewritten while keeping setting. Over the years the setting has evolved, while the dice system continues to be experimental.


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A story whispered from star to star, a Legend told for hundreds of thousands of years. The universe is filled with countless creatures long since clairvoyant and technical who speak of a time before humans. A species today, that is so plentiful and fertile they colonize the moons, the planets, even tucked away on the most inhospitable worlds. It is said that the Human creature has no boundaries, their society long since removed from its origins. Human settlers dabbled in unheard of technologies, masters of genetic manipulation, climate control, and Space Time.

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Sovereign Orginization for Universal Law

Human beings swarm about the stars these days, their vastly superior technology landing them in control.

Human leaders in charge of StarGate, and terraforming projects built an empire, called Soul. Binding worlds by starting trade routs. It is said that the Humans control space; Taxing space travel with gate tolls and mandating a universal electronic currency for trade, Counts.

Counts have become a very valuable currency, because they can be spent on supplies, goods and equipment on virtually every world Soul trades, which includes most gated core worlds. Some planets continue to operate with their own currency, however Counts are largely accepted, and can at very least be exchanged for local money if necessary.

Soul is based on the planet Meta, in the Meta sector, this world functions as the political capitol and the center for Soul's infamous military. Interested in protecting itself, and its most valuable trade worlds from environmental disasters, attempts at succession. Soul's Military Troopers (pictured right) are highly skilled trained killers. With super-human exo-skeletal armor and a range of powerful weaponry, one Soul Trooper can decimate a crew of Bounty Hunters like child's play.

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Vast technological feats have bound the Universe closer than ever before. It is said that when the humans first appeared, they brought with them an unworldly understanding of space-time. The human seeding took hundreds of thousands of years. Spreading to every distant corner of the Universe implementing the vast network of StarGates that are still in use to this day.

Much of the universe still lies unexplored due to its unimaginable scale. But with the power of StarGates all the central worlds, and any world with a valuable export has been connected to a trail of these Gates. Allowing starships of all kinds of purposes to travel instantaneously across the light years.

Enormous artifacts, these StarGates orbit an unfathomable number of planets & moons. The giant rings that have pierced distance and time themselves together, binding two very distant points to a common location. Allowing continuous instantaneous travel, and constant transmission of signal over distances of light-years.

Peering into the StarGate as the Captain orders his Starship though. He sees only stars, But the stars inside the ring don't seem to line up with the stars around its mouth, a ring large enough to swallow a Starship three times the size of his freighter. As its sister gate orbits a far off moon, the Captain sees his destination the gas-giant Jermek simmering bright orange in the distance. The world appears from nowhere sliding into view, before setting on the other side of the ring, disappearing completely from sight.

When this stargate was activated in ancient times, the space inside this ring had been fused to the space inside its sister ring. Permanently fixing these two points, the ring itself a kind of stitch binding the two distant locations.

To reach his destination a Starship Captain may instruct his crew though a series of these gates. While each junction may be thousands of light years apart often zig-zagging from one side of the Universe to the opposite, this form of travel is immensely faster than flying a strait line to your destination at conventional drive speeds. Stargates are maintained by Soul, and are often accompanied by tolls, and sometimes searches. Though Soul's focus on passing Starships is primarily to gain income than find criminals.

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The Chain

StarGates scattered across the heavens, isolated moons no-longer years away. Planetary systems within hours of each other. The Ancient Human vision sparked a revolution among creatures worlds apart.

A new Universe of trade and technology was born. Among the many sociological and economic changes, this technological revolution brought with it, The Chain. A Universal computer network utilizing the powerful StarGates to continuously transmit information to galaxies light-years away.

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