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Bounty Hunters 3


Ready for adventure? Do you have a thirst for the stars that not even a tall cup of frothy Kulish can quench? Want to experience distant worlds? Encounter exotic cultures and creatures? Prepare for the Hunt! Become a licenced Bounty Hunter and get access to the largest collection of fugitives on the chain. The Universe is vast, and Justice is counting on you!

The Bounty Hunters Role-Playing Game was first created while I lived in Minnesota USA. My friends at the time where hooked on the pen and paper role-playing scene so that's what we did for any kind of get together. We played Shadowrun and Vampire the Masquerade, of course there was D&D.

"Playing Pretend with Rules" became a new obsession, which lasted for years. A way to bring back those fond blissful childhood games of make-believe, while maintaining an adult and educated problem solving mind. Which by that of course I mean, Roll some dice see if you shot bad guy in his twisted alien face.

Bounty Hunters was a collaboration of rules and game ideas my friends and I had stuck together. Over the years the game has been remade and rewritten while keeping setting. Over the years the setting has evolved, while the dice system continues to be experimental.

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Bounty Hunters RPG© Copyright Christopher Scott Munoz 2000-2012, Concept Art by Adam Gish, Icons from KDE Oxygen