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Today's Episode
From the Depths of the Toy Box


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Today we all headed across town to pay rent, than deposit rent, afterwards we got groceries. Our cupboards where getting pretty bare, so its nice to have a lot of supplies.

River spent a good amount of this evening play with her Dog-Guitar. Its been living in the Toy Box, but today River dug it up. She even played us a little something.

Today River also Vloged for the first time. She recorded me, than recorded herself and than recorded me again. Way to go Squirt!

Today was a kind of fake Saturday, Mama had to close the store, but Daddy and River hung out and worked on Bounty Hunters. In the morning Mama made us breakfast and we all watched TV.

So Daddy could get a little more done on Bounty-Hunters, Mama and River went to the train at the mall.

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