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Today's Episode
Uncle Corey


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Uncle Corey drove into town, so Kayla picked up house, and fed the baby while Daddy worked. Corey ended up at a ball game, so we didn't see him until the next day.

Mama had to work, but Uncles Corey, Tyler, and Aaron showed up to take Daddy and River out to Frenchtown for dinner, and back to Missoula later for a mini LAN.

Last-Night we LANed until about 1:30am when Daddy wussed out.

Today it snowed, in the AM we went out to Paul's, which for the first time didn't go so well. River thew a fit though most of breakfast, which was pretty strange. Later in the evening we went to Frenchtown for dinner, and once again River thew a fit though most of meal time. We discovered the next day she's pushing though another tooth.

Corey split back to Washington the next day. IT WAS AWESOME SEEING YOU COREY

February Twenty-Twelve
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