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Today's Episode
Cheese Fries


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Mama had to work in the evening, like usual. But tonight she made us pasta before she had to bail. When Daddy got home from work, there was fresh pasta waiting. and It was still hot.

River was found in the dryer again.... What a space cadet.

We all went to Grandpa & Grandma McGuire's for dinner. It was delicious spaghetti. We had an awesome time, and watched spongebob and the magic conch.

Today was a all together weekend day off kinda day. Awesome. We woke up early with River, and Mama made a fire. We than enjoyed ourselves with some Dr Seuss and editing, respectively, and later drawing.

We went to the mall today to play with kids and have Cheese Fries. River demanded we leave the house today, and with no good reason not too we took her advice and got some fresh air.

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