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Today had weird weather, hail, rain, and high powered winds. Mama also got some footage of the birds that patriotically dive bomb our tree.

When daddy got off work today he purchased Mama and himself new Cell Phones. Mama last had a phone in high-school, so she's stolked to have a line, not to mention internet anywhere.

On Daddy's way home he visited Schuyler to show off his new device. Schuyler is going to the University in town and had a lot of interesting information, as well as a status update for all you internet people.

Today Daddy was off work, so in the AM hours the hospital was phoned, and the final payments on the baby where made. River is ours now! We've paid off the baby.

After our debts had been cleared we were feeling pretty awesome, so Kayla brought home some literal Ice-Cream-Sandwiches for us to eat while Uncle Shayne, Mama, and Daddy played phones together late into the night. It was a lot of fun, and nerdy.

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