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Blue Skies


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Jyssica, one of Kayla's Friends from high-school, when into the hospital to have her baby. Baby Kayden was born the following day, over 24 hours later. Nice work Jyssica! Congratulations!

Daddy and River went on a Journey to the train at the mall before picking up Mama... Daddy however failed, forgetting it was Sunday, so the mall was closed. River was CRUSHED, she saw the train, and knew we couldn't play there, and when I started walking back to the car, she started screaming and trying to wiggle out of my arms.

Dad made it up to the little one by taking her to Shopko and letting her explore the isles.

River and Mama cleaned house today, they did dishes together and even made chicken soup together. Mama would chop and River would put the chippings in the soup bowl.

In the evening we all went to the backyard for a walk. River started heading down the hill, so we went along with it. Before we knew it River had walked all the way down the hill! She slept so good at Bedtime.

March Twenty-Twelve
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