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Today's Episode
Strolling Along


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Today, Baby and Mama had fun rearranging River's room, and moving all her toys into her separate space.

We picked up Mama from work at 9, and River was HYPER about it, she ran into the back to find her mom, and than chased her to the time clock, well nearly. She got distracted by cool toys.

Today was Daddy's Saturday, River and Mama brushed their teeth together, like usual. River's been brushing up on her chair, so she's getting the hang of it, she even pretends to spit.

Today, both mommy and Daddy where home and free. After a slow starting morning, of books, TV, and coffee, we hit the town.

We ended up going to Greenough park, which was a fantastic walk. River enjoyed her stroller so much, she demanded we hit the trail again immediately after reaching the playground.

After our fun at the park, we moved the car downtown, and walked to Taco Del Soul, followed of course by eating downtown in the sunshine. It was an amazing Day.

April Twenty-Twelve
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