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Today's Episode
Park Baby


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Some footage Mama took of the sky.

Today was another swapping the baby at 5 day. Seems I'm never off at 4pm anymore, I sure do miss how much simpler things where.

Mama took River out to the park, and how River does LOVE parks. Later after Daddy got off work, the family went to Greenough for a fun walk and some more Park fun. This time River enjoyed the park, instead of demanding put back in the stroller.

The 24th Daddy got hit by an SUV while biking home. It was a sucky day, mostly spent on the couch and watching TV. No bones where broken, but lots of scrapes and bruises.

The 25th was Daddy's Friday, River and Mama went again to the Park while Daddy was at work. After work, Daddy took River to yet ANOTHER park while Mama worked. River loved the Merry-Go-Round, even though I'm fairly sure it was her first time even seeing one.

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