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Today's Episode
Painting Mama


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Today Mama and River met Daddy after work in the Deli. Unfortunately Mama had to work, so she stayed at the Rosauers store while Daddy and River hit Bonner Park for some fun in the sun. River made friends with a little boy named Lucius and we had a blast running around.

Today was Mothers Day, Mama and Baby drove out to Grandma Clouse's place for some Mothers Day fun. River loves her Aunties, and she played like crazy. Mama accidentally recorded about half of Mothers Day in time-lapse mode, but some footage survives.

The 15th was Daddy's Friday. While River napped Mama painted an awesome spring-time piece . Mama had today off, so while Daddy picked up supplies at the store, River and Mama played at the park down the hill. River sure does love to swing.

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