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Today's Episode
The Captain's Table II


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Thursday, Daddy and baby journeyed to the park. After a very fun game of tag they returned home and finished getting the house ready for grilling with Daddy's folks.

Dad, Jill and the Kids came over late in the evening for some fries and brats. It was a lot of fun hanging with them, like always. Those kids are a riot! Aaron mostly played ball with River, while Tyler investigated each of my Lego sets one by one.

Friday, Mama did River's hair all fancy and they had a big bowl of cereal for breakfast.

River's grown tall enough to escape her bathtub, and crib. Which is REAL fun. We're trying to teach her that if she gets out of the tub, her bath has ended. The only big deal is the trails of water she leaves all over the house.

June Twenty-Twelve
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