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River and Mama hit column's birthday for an hour before nap-time. River did just fine with the off-set nap and everyone was happy. Little Marley is getting huge!

Check out my Charizard, I pulled this from a boster pack in 1998 at Hastings in Missoula.

Later on Tuesday, we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma McGuire's house for some fun with the family. River sure loves running around with her aunties. You can defiantly tell that those three girls are related.

Daddy was up late fixing a Laptop, so Mama stayed up for company, River had evening stayed up till 10. This morning for NO REASON River woke up at 6. By midday she was one tired baby. Also River can say Water... Sort-of.

Mama and River hit the park in the warm morning sun. River even stomped her way up and down the little creek. It was also a 13 hour sea food sale at work, so Daddy worked his butt-off. The day held some fantastic events that made it all worth it! Daddy was accepted to the University, Sold his Carizard, and made extra funds fixing the laptop. Not to mention starting a 4 day weekend, with Father's Day and Primus in the middle of it. Life Rocks!

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