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Today's Episode
Primus at the Brewery


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IMPORTANT: concert was cellphone-recorded, poor audio quality

Today was River's first morning in her big-kid bed. She did so awesome, she actually ended up spending most of today in her bed, playing with toys and even eating grilled cheese.

After work mama did some gardening with the little one, and later in the evening, River showed off how good at puzzles she's getting.

Today, River woke up today at 5:30 am, she waited till 6ish before coming to get us. Later that afternoon, River put herself down for a nap!

In the evening Auntie Jenni babysat so Mama and Daddy could see Primus at the Big Sky Brewery. It was a fantastic show, Shawn was even there, though we never did run into Kyle Boe.

We had a lot of fun, Daddy drank 3 beers! That's a lot for him!

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