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Kev & Az


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River and Daddy hit the park to kill some time before Mama got off work.

Today Daddy found a peanut butter impact mark on the wall... Fancy! To top off a boring evening, River fell backward in her chair while eating dinner, stabbing herself in the lip, and tearing a good tear in it. Thankfully she only needed one stitch, and the wound healed VERY fast.

Today after work, Daddy, Grandpa Kevin and Aslyn took River to Bonner Park. We had no idea the water park was active, so River got to run though the water fully clothed.

River and Daddy got to go to Paul's Pancake Parlor for breakfast, THANKS KEVIN. After eating way way too much, we all went to Dragon Hallow, and the Carousel.

On Saturday we all hit Bonner Park again, this time prepared for playing in the water. River loved playing in the water, splashing and filling up her bucket. It was a lot of fun.

June Twenty-Twelve
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