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Today was a very rainy day, the power was out for almost a whole hour! Thunder, strong windows, and rain pummeled the valley all morning.

Later in the evening, after the rain, Kevin took us out to Costco for some supplies. THANKS KEVIN!

Mama had to work today, so at least her hair was going to be awesome. Daddy had the day off, so after some quick chores Grandpa Kevin took us out to Paul's for some tasty breakfast foods. We also visited the bookstore next door and river LOVED the children's section. It was decked out complete with play-area.

Later in the afternoon, Daddy and River hit up the park down the street. River's discovered that a creek runs though the park, so once its rediscovered all other park activities cease.

After a quick bath, we where ready for company. Our friend Brendan was in town so we got a bunch of people up to the house to say hay. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and catching up. We got to meet Brendan's girlfriend Stella, and her daughter Izzy, both delightful people.

Thursday was Daddy's orientation for college, he'll be starting in August OMG.

June Twenty-Twelve
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