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January Twenty-Twelve
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December 2011 February 2012 Block Stack Rivers Towers Santa Jammies Winter Park The Dishes Use the Forks Escape Pod Time FOR Work Taking it Easy

Dec. 2011

January Photos

February Twenty-Twelve
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January 2012 from the depths of the toy box March 2012 Uncle Corey Cheese Fries the sky is falling the sky is falling Nexus Little Vloger little vloger Mommy Daddy Time Bread and Butterfiles

February Photos

March Twenty-Twelve
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february 2012 April 2012 Bread and Butter Flies There and back again there and back again Mama Power Little River and the Big World Little River and the Big World Black Cloud Bonner Park Blue Skies blue skies Love Ride The Outside World The Outside World Muddy Buddies Azie & Grandma

March Photos

April Twenty-Twelve
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March 2012 May 2012 The Fishers Egg Hunt Storlling Along baby shades ATV Park baby Supplies and Implements Park Quest

April Photos

May Twenty-Twelve
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April 2012 June 2012 Park Quest forts baths and laughs Rivers Park Rivers Park WEEKEND Painting Mama painting Mama Slides Painting Baby painting baby Painting is IN MAMA Pasta Little Gardener

May Photos

June Twenty-Twelve
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May 2012 Stair MASTER Stair MASTER July 2012 ELK The Captains Table II Big Kid Bed Big Kid Bed Primus at the Brewery Primus at the Brewery KEV and AZ Caras Park Brendan the 4th

June Photos

July Twenty-Twelve
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June 2012 the 4th aunt Kristens Birthday aunt Kristens Birthday August 2012 Bicycle Lightning River Diver Expedition into The Wilds Expedition into the Wilds

July Photos

August Twenty-Twelve
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July 2012 September 2012 d6 NuMbErS aarons birthday aarons birthday Trout Creek aunt kaitlyns birthday Outisde school school

August Photos

September Twenty-Twelve
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august 2012 October 2012 Little Buddy Little Buddy Two Years Old The Missing Mountains The Missing Mountains BOX FORT BOX FORT

September Photos

October Twenty-Twelve
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September 2012 BOX FORT November 2012 brought to you by robots brought to you by robots Noodle Noodle Noodle Toys first trick-or-treat

October Photos

November Twenty-Twelve
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October 2012 december 2012 American Speghetti American Speghetti American Speghetti The Cake is a Lie The Cake is a Lie Spinny, Twirly, Eskimo Kisses

November Photos

December Twenty-Twelve
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November 2012 January 2013 report(s) Report(s) NO HOMEWORK time to play time to play X-Mas Tree 2012 XMAS EVE xmas eve x-mas day 2012 Loading Loading

December Photos


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